Ringo Starr's Drumming Skills Praised with Viral Compare & Contrast

Ringo Starr's Drumming Skills Praised with Viral Compare & Contrast

Quincy Jones once claimed the Beatles were sucky musicians — but that must’ve been aimed at everyone besides Ringo Starr … because the dude was clearly ahead of his time.

Check out this viral TikTok video from @grahamethedrummer, who breaks down what the band’s drummer could’ve done on famous tunes of theirs … and what he actually did on the final product. It’s pretty obvious — RS was going above and beyond for their songs.

Graham argues it would’ve been easy for Ringo to phone it in on the drums if he wanted to — showing he could’ve played along to their melodies with simple drum beats that kept pace, but instead … opted for ingenious patterns that elevated the arrangements.

He showcases what one might see a basic drummer do for tracks like “I Feel Fine,” “Ticket to Ride,” “Getting Better All the Time” and “Come Together” … and then contrasts that with what Ringo actually did in real-life … unique drumming that made the songs stand out.

The TikToker likens this level of drum playing to a “superpower” … and each time he notes, “What Ringo did was way cooler.” The internet seems to agree, BTW — singing RS’s praises … with some saying he’s grossly underrated in the pantheon of drummer greats.

John and Paul obviously got (and still get, for the most part) much of shine … but this dude was putting in WORK back there behind all the guitar/bass players.

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