Real passion Piers Morgan praises impressive Rishi Sunak amid Tory leadership debate

Real passion Piers Morgan praises impressive Rishi Sunak amid Tory leadership debate

Rishi Sunak seen holding a bazooka in new advert

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Piers Morgan, 57, has spoken about Tory Prime Minister candidate Rishi Sunak after a Twitter user shared a clip from a passionate speech by the Tory politician. TalkTV presenter Piers responded to the clip in full view of his 7.9 million followers.

The speech showed Rishi passionately defending his stance during a GB News televised debate.

It showed a member of the crowd going after Rishi for spending too much of taxpayers money on the south of England.

Rishi responded with fiery enthusiasm, arguing that the claims were “completely wrong.”

He said: “For you to say that there are places in the south that don’t need investment is simply completely wrong.

“If you think this conservative government is going to get re-elected by telling everyone in the south that we don’t give a stuff about them and they don’t have needs, I don’t know what planet you’re on.

“When I was in Kent there were people there from Thanet! Which is one of the most deprived places in England.”

He concluded: “Levelling up and investment is not something that is only for the North!”

Rishi then declared himself the “most Northern chancellor”.

Piers quote-tweeted the post in praise of the politician.

He said: “When @RishiSunak gets fired up like this & shows real passion, he is massively more impressive than when he plays it too slick & cautious.”

The TV presenter’s followers were quick to jump on to the Tweet to share their thoughts.

@XanderWright3 wrote sarcastically: “Could hardly make any of that out through his thick Yorkshire accent to be fair.”

@Wadey9971 penned: “I’m an anti Tory to the core, but I would like to have someone in power who has passion.

“If he showed that level of passion and fight during the whole PM race he may have one.”

@Ianrab said: “It’s a pretty uninspiring choice, Truss v Sunak. Both of whom were ministers in the failed Johnson government.

“However, from that choice Sunak is significantly better than Truss.”

@R4dey1 quipped: “If he said it was raining outside you would have to look outside to make sure !!”

@Alangerardward2 said: “That ship has sailed and Liz is captain.”

Yesterday, polls showed Liz Truss to be the clear favourite to win the leadership contest after the most recent YouGov survey.

The latest YouGov poll of party members having 66 percent backed Ms Truss to 34 percent in support of Rishi Sunak.

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