Prince William was clear from the start we were never to brief against royals

Prince William was clear from the start we were never to brief against royals

Here are some photos of Prince William at last night’s Tusk Conservation Awards in London. William has long been the patron of the Tusk Trust. He initially signed on to Tusk as a royal patron to be closer to Jecca Craig, and I think it’s curious that William almost always attends Tusk Trust events solo – Kate never tags along. William handed out awards last night, chatted with event attendees and winners and happily posed for photos. This pleasant, public event fell on a good spot on his calendar, especially given that last night, the BBC aired Part 1 of The Princes and the Press. That documentary-style program will do a lot of damage to William’s image long-term. Hilariously, William can’t stop briefing the press about how he’s never briefed the press. He’s an absolute moron.

In the programme, Omid Scobie alleged: “There has been a lot of rumours for some time that a lot of the most damaging and negative stories about Harry and Meghan, that have ended up in the pages of the Press, have come from the other royal households or from other royal aides or courtiers. From my own experience that is true.”

But Peter Hunt, former BBC royal correspondent, said: “That did not happen the chunk of the time I was doing the royal family. You have to assume that they would have only done it if they had the approval of their principle (royal family member).”

A senior royal source told The Sun: “William was clear from the start we were never to brief and never to say anything about anyone in the other households. He’d lived through that in the ’90s with his parents in the War of the Waleses and doesn’t ever want it happening again. He’s in a much better place (with the Press) than his brother.”

[From The Sun]

Peter Hunt’s point, within the program, was actually underlining Omid Scobie’s statement about the leaks from palace aides and such. Hunt is saying: that’s not the way it should work, and the only way that was happening was through the implicit and likely explicit approval of the royals themselves. An example: this wasn’t Jason Knauf going off on his own to brief against Meghan or deciding, on his own, to breach his confidentiality to his employers and turn over selections from texts and emails to hurt Meghan’s lawsuit against the Mail. Hunt is saying: this was done with William’s approval. The smear campaign against Meghan was done with royal approval. And yes, it’s completely ridiculous that William continues to run around, briefing reporters about how he explicitly never briefs reporters. It’s especially clownish considering he authorized Jason Knauf to turn over evidence against Meghan TO THE MAIL.

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