Petition Goes Viral To Remove Judge Who Wanted To Jail 72-Year-Old Cancer Patient Over Lawnwork!

Petition Goes Viral To Remove Judge Who Wanted To Jail 72-Year-Old Cancer Patient Over Lawnwork!

A petition has gone viral demanding the removal of a Michigan judge after she had some very harsh words for a cancer patient — all over some weeds in an alleyway.

As of Thursday morning, the petition has already nearly reached its 15,000-signature goal after local news reports in Detroit went viral regarding the conduct of Judge Alexis Krot during a Zoom video call in court on Monday.

The incident centers around a cancer patient, 72-year-old Burhan Chowdhury, who was cited by the city of Hamtramck, Michigan, for failing to keep his driveway clear of weeds. Posted photos show that the weeds had grown out behind Chowdhury’s driveway and garage, and Krot read him the riot act when he appeared in court via Zoom to discuss the citation he was given back in early August:

“You have a ticket for August 2nd, 2021 for failing to keep the walkway, sidewalk or alley clear of weeds or other nuisance vegetation. You can plead responsible, responsible with an explanation or not responsible.”

Speaking in broken English and clearly struggling to breathe as he has been dealing with cancer in his lymph nodes for the past two years, Chowdhury responded:

“I am a cancer patient, very old ma’am. I was then very weak.”

Sitting beside him, Chowdhury’s son Shibbir also added:

“He was sick.”

The judge was not feeling it, though.

Raising her voice in the video to the stricken cancer patient, Judge Krot said:

“You should be ashamed of yourself! If I could give you jail time on this I would!”

Holy s**t!

Thankfully, prison was not on the table for the judge when it came to sentence Chowdhury for the citation. Instead, she issued him a $100 fine.

Judge Krot said:

“You better get that cleaned up. That is totally inappropriate. Do you see that photo?! That is shameful! SHAMEFUL! The neighbors should not have to look at that. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

WTF?! All this over some weeds?? And for a cancer patient, no less?! You know what’s even more shameful? The fact his neighbors aren’t helping out!

Like, we get it, nobody wants to look at their neighbor’s overgrown yard. But what on earth??

As we referenced (above), the petition seeking the judge’s removal has since gone viral. By Thursday morning, nearly 15,000 people have already signed it in support of disciplinary action against Krot.

You can view the petition HERE.

Here is more on the story from Click On Detroit (below):


So crazy that all this anger would come out over some weeds.

And all this aggression over a $100 fine?! It’s not like you’re putting away career criminals here, Your Honor. Where is the compassion and understanding?? Communities need that far more than good landscaping.

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