Pete Davidson Makes His Kardashians Debut – And Reveals Kim Kardashian Totally Rejected Him In 2021!

Pete Davidson Makes His Kardashians Debut – And Reveals Kim Kardashian Totally Rejected Him In 2021!

Pete Davidson just made his first appearance on The Kardashians!

On Thursday’s episode of the KarJenner family’s Hulu reality series, the comedian made his much-anticipated on-camera debut alongside his (now ex) girlfriend Kim Kardashian! During the episode, while the couple prepared to walk the 2022 Met Gala carpet together, the SNL alum revealed how Kimmy Kakes had actually quite brutally rejected him just one year prior at the same event!

Looking “so f**king handsome” while wearing his sleek suit, in Kim’s words, Pete revealed:

“Remember when I asked for your number at the last Met , and you pretended you couldn’t give it to me because you had gloves on?”

LOLz!! Ouuuch.

Kanye West’s ex-wife remembered the moment and jokingly told Pete to “ask again this time,” noting that she wasn’t wearing gloves. In 2021, Kim was showing off her dark side in literal head-to-toe black Balenciaga at the 2021 Met Gala. Turns out there were no hard feelings with the diss though, the King of Staten Island star sweetly reflected:

“It was actually the nicest excuse ever. I knew it was an excuse, but I remember…”

The Skkn by Kim founder interrupted, insisting it “wasn’t an excuse!” Yeah, right! Still, the Bupkis lead was somehow charmed by the rejection, as he added:

“I remember being in the car being like, ‘Wow, she knows how to make someone feel really good about themselves.’ I thought that was really sweet. You were like, ‘I’m sorry I can’t give you my number — I have gloves on.’”

Aw! He was smitten even then! The mom of four responded:

“Had only I’d known.”

Such a sweet interaction — and there was more where that came from!

Later in the episode, while on their way to the Met, Kim (sporting blond hair and — controversially — Marilyn Monroe’s dress) discussed why she wanted to make their red carpet debut a couple of days before at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner:

“I really wanted our first red carpet for me to be in brown hair, and I wanted it to be a non-fashion event.”

Her then-beau teased:

“Yeah, I wanted us to be getting slimed at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, but you know, to each his own.”


Watch the cute interaction (below)!

Then back at their hotel, cameras caught the beauty mogul asking if the actor wanted “to shower with really quick.” Of course, he promptly ran off after her. Hah! Such fun cameos! It’s unlikely Pete will show up too much more on the show since they broke up in August. But he’s sure making his appearances count! Reactions? Let us know (below)!

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