Pedro Pascal says Baby Yoda makes him want to have kids

Pedro Pascal says Baby Yoda makes him want to have kids

I’ve not seen much of Pedro Pascal’s work so I wasn’t quite as agog as most were about him. He’s handsome, of course, but I didn’t get the fury since all I’d seen was his eyes get poked out in Game of Thrones and the highly forgettable WW84 (although he was good in it). But I saw him in the very average pandemic effort from Judd Apatow, The Bubble, and Pedro was darling. I’m not a Pasgal, or whatever his stans fans are known as, but who knows? I do know that the Pasgals (if this isn’t their moniker, it really should be) are going to be knocking each other down to reach the head of the line after Pedro spoke at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim.

Pedro was there to talk about the sequel to his hit, The Mandalorian. Pascal plays the lead, Din Djarin, but even without having seen the series I can tell you he wasn’t the star. The star was Grogu, more commonly referred to as Baby Yoda. As soon as viewers caught sight of that big-eyed, green, little wrinkle oofums with the flyaway ears, it was all over. Apparently, Pedro wasn’t immune either. Working with the tiny animatronic was such a joy, it’s made him want to have kids of his own. And he said so. Out loud, to a stadium full of drooling fans.

‘The Mandalorian‘ star Pedro Pascal has been considering becoming a first-time dad since he started working with Baby Yoda.

The actor plays the lead role of Din Djarin in the ‘Star Wars’ spin-off TV show with his character becoming the guardian of a foundling child named Grogu, who has been nicknamed Baby Yoda by fans because of his resemblance to the iconic character.

Now Pedro, 47, has revealed he’s developed a close emotional connection with Grogu and it’s made him want to start a family.

Speaking at the ‘Star Wars’ Celebration at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, he explained: “It’s the closest I’ve ever come to being a dad – so far, anyway. To see a child love his father like that – I get it. Maybe I should have one.”

During the event on Saturday (28.06.22), a teaser trailer for the upcoming third season of ‘The Mandalorian’ was screened and it showed Pedro’s character reunited with Baby Yoda.

The actor admitted he was thrilled to see Baby Yoda was still going to be part of the cast going forward, he told the convention: “My heart just exploded inside my body”.

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This reminds me of Diego Luna’s deep affection for Jabba the Hut. When the best make-up artists and effects people offered them a universe of creatures to choose from, they select the rubber guys run by wires. (Yes, I am still miffed Diego didn’t choose me over Jabba the G-D Hut, thankyouverymuch). For me, it’s the amount of emotion these characters elicit in these actors. “My heart just exploded inside my body,” I mean – come on. I think part of me actually melted when I heard that in Pedro’s voice. It didn’t hurt that I pictured Grogu next to him looking up and blinking in that extended way he does. And if I’m getting this squishy without even following The Mandalorian, you can just imagine what’s going on in the fandom right now.

As for Baby Yoda inspiring the desire to have kids, Pedro might want to hang out with a Baby Joe for a bit first. A 50-year-old tiny Jedi is probably less work than a months-old regular baby. I’m positive Grogu ejects less fluids at random intervals. If Pedro wants something adorable that blinks at him in a cute way, maybe he can get a sleepy kitten? Whatever his intention is, he’s going to have plenty of folks offering to co-parent with him. I hope he knows what he unleashed. I’m not one of them, I have enough kids to deal with. If he needs practice making them, however… I kid! I’m still holding out for Diego.

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