Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen supported by fans after warning from social services

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen supported by fans after warning from social services

Fans of Our Yorkshire Farm have rallied around Amanda Owen after social services issued the mum-of-nine with a warning.

Earlier this week, the TV star revealed that she had been contacted by social services over her parenting, but did not go as far as to say why she was given a warning.

While promoting her latest book, Amanda, 47, told an audience at the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts: "I don't see myself as a perfect parent.

"I got a yellow flag from social services… I believe there is a happy medium whereby you do let the kids climb trees.

"Yes, they haven't got harnesses on or hard hats, but I believe there are some lessons to be learned that don't necessarily result in instant death but actually learn your own parameters."

The mum-of-nine has previously defended her parenting techniques after being accused of "breeding their own workforce" for the farm.

The children – Annas, Violet, Edith, Raven, Clemmy, Nancy, Reuben, Miles, and Sidney – all regularly help out on the farm which Amanda and husband Clive deem "a good life lesson".

But fans of the show have took to Amanda's Instagram to show some support to the mum and her parenting style, saying the children are "lucky" because of the life they live.

One user wrote: "And To think some question your parenting style. What an amazing activity very few will experience in their lifetime never mind this young."

Another said "Beautiful children. Well balanced, cared for and loved," while a third added "Lucky children what a life they have."

Amanda was also defended by Jeremy Vine on his Channel 5 show yesterday, saying: "She’s brilliant you’d love her.

“If you’re the wrong kind of person watching that programme and you see a child of seven helping the sheep give birth to a lamb you might think that shouldn’t be happening and call social services.

“I don’t know what the flag means maybe they’ve just watched the programme.

"But there’s nothing unsafe here. It’s really odd this thing of blowing the whistle on perfectly innocent other people.”

This isn't the first time that Amanda has came under fire for her parenting style, with her show getting criticism four years ago over health and safety concerns.

The workers' union Unite criticised an episode showing the children driving quad bikes without helmets, riding in tractor cabs and on trailers without guardrails, and climbing and playing on hay bales.

But, despite this, fans have repeatedly praised the couple for their parenting techniques and the pair continue to document their children's upbringing.

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