Monica Lewinsky says her new documentary will explore cancel culture: 'We're drowning in shame'

Monica Lewinsky says her new documentary will explore cancel culture: 'We're drowning in shame'

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Monica Lewinsky opened up about cancel culture and public shaming while discussing her upcoming documentary, “15 Minutes of Shame.”

Currently, the 48-year-old is helping to rehash her infamous affair with former president Bill Clinton in 1998 by way of FX’s “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” which will dramatize the events. However, her next project will take her out of the past and into the future as she tackles cancel culture. 

After having her name and reputation dragged through the mud for years, Lewinsky has made a name for herself in the past decade as an anti-bullying advocate. Now, she is working on a new documentary about the culture of public shaming the world finds itself in, leaning on her credibility as one of the very first modern public figures to experience what is now referred to as “cancellation.” 

Speaking on the “Today” show, Lewinsky discussed her documentary “15 Minutes of Shame” and her ongoing work to explore and shine a light on a culture that she says is “drowning in shame.” 

“It’s not just people in power who have voices, that’s one of the beauties and the beasts of social media,” she explained. “More people can be heard.” 

She added: “We’re living in a culture and world now where we’re drowning in shame. We’re taking a 360 look at this culture of public shaming, public humiliation culture and trying to ask the question, ‘Where are we going?’”

A photograph showing former White House intern Monica Lewinsky meeting President Bill Clinton at a White House function submitted as evidence in documents by the Starr investigation and released by the House Judicary committee September 21, 1998.
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In 2019, Variety reported that Lewinsky had teamed with “Catfish” co-host and producer Max Joseph to produce the documentary for HBO Max. The special will explore the lives of several people from around the world who, like her, were the subject of public criticism and humiliation. 

“Monica Lewinsky is an anti-bullying activist with unparalleled authority, making her the perfect partner for this project,” Sarah Aubrey, head of original content for HBO Max, said at the time. “And Max’s strong advocacy for social justice and distinctive storytelling make him particularly well-suited to explore this complex modern phenomenon.”

Lewinsky was the subject of a massive public shaming after her affair with the president was discovered and made public. The events took a toll on her life, but thanks to the documentary, her anti-bullying work and her role as a producer in “Impeachment: American Crime Story” she’s told the hosts of the “Today” show that she’s happy now.

“I think the takeaway of anyone watching this who is struggling or feels like they’ve been shamed is that you can get through it,” she concluded.

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