Michael Bublé says hes scared of his wife, adding she orders him to massage her bum

Michael Bublé says hes scared of his wife, adding she orders him to massage her bum

Michael Buble gives wife Luisana Lopilato a hug

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Singing sensation Michael Buble has revealed that his wife Luisana Lopilato orders him to give her a bum massage every evening while also confessing that he’s “scared” of her. In a new interview, the Come Fly With Me hitmaker, 46, candidly opened up about family life with his model wife, 34, and their evening rituals.

I love my wife so much, but I’m also scared of her

Michael Bublé

Speaking about his evening routine with his family, the singer shared a rather personal insight.

The star told how he kneads his wife’s derriere every night without fail.

Michael said: “My wife turns her butt towards me and says, ‘Mike, rub my bum.’

“She says it gets rid of the cellulite.”

However, despite insisting that she doesn’t have any cellulite on her behind, the star still does as he’s asked.

“So every night I sit watching TV, massaging her to sleep,” the star confessed.

In the same interview with The Sun, the Feeling Good singer admitted that he was “scared of his spouse”.

As well as tending to his wife’s behind, Michael also revealed that he likes to end his day by watching NFL Fantasy Football.

However, he added that his wife only lets him watch it until 4pm.

“I love my wife so much, but I’m also scared of her,” he added, confessing that he watches her favourite chick-flick films with her instead.

Elsewhere, the Canadian hitmaker shared how the pair believed they may have made a “mistake” when they first married during a trip to Disney.

Revealing that they’d gone on their honeymoon to the theme park, Michael told how they had argued continually after getting married.

He said: “Until one point where we fought so bad that my wife said, ‘we have made a mistake, we must annul this marriage.’

“And I said, ‘well I can’t stand you either’.”

The Just Haven’t Met You Yet hitmaker went on to explain how they felt the need to “walk away” and think things through.

But the couple made the decision to continue with the relationship during the early days of their marriage.

He continued: “And so we walked away from each other, and we said we are going to walk away, and we are going to think about things.

“We came back and we said, ‘you know what, maybe we will just try, and we will just keep trying’, and 15 years, we had four children,” he told Magic Radio’s Harriet Scott.

Michael and Luisana have been happily married for 11 years.

The couple are already parents to Noah, eight, Elias, six, and Vida, three and are expecting their fourth child.

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