Loose Womens Denise Welch rages over Matt Hancock joining Im a Celeb

Loose Womens Denise Welch rages over Matt Hancock joining Im a Celeb

I'm A Celeb: Matt Hancock receives backlash after 'joining' show

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Denise Welch, 64, has unleashed her rage on Twitter this afternoon as it was confirmed that controversial Conservative MP Matt Hancock, 44, would be joining the I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! line-up. The Loose Women star hit out at the MP for his handling of the Covid pandemic as she exclaimed: “How dare he!!”

How dare he!!

Denise Welch

Denise took to Twitter this afternoon in view of her 539,200 followers to hit out at Hancock’s surprise arrival to the ITV show line-up.

The star, who is mum to The 1975 frontman Matty Healy, tweeted angrily: “I bet all those people living with the pain of not being ‘allowed’ to be with their loved ones in the last years of their lives will be so excited to see Matt fucking Hancock in the jungle!! How dare he!!!”

Many social media users rushed to the comments to share their views on the controversial news.

One who disagreed with Denise’s comments was AlieCutting, who expressed: “I lost my mum during covid, in a nursing home where I want to be allowed to be with her at the end, but please don’t think you talk for us all.

“All your comment does is ensure people remain bitter and prevent some of us from moving on.”

Denise reiterated: “I talk for no one but myself. I was only with my dad at the end because of the kindness of the nurses.”

Welshgirl1 backed Denise as she commented: “I think it’s disgusting!! My mum died suddenly last year and I wasn’t allowed into the hospital to say goodbye when they switched her life support off!!

“I can’t grieve or get closure! Makes me sick seeing this!”

Jmevans53 added: “Absolutely despicable. He has no shame!

“Hopefully his constituents will demand a bi election & he shouldn’t receive his MPs salary while he thinks he’s a ‘celebrity’.”

Denise further shared her distaste as she replied to a TV insider who had revealed: “Matt is a sensational signing for the show as producers love a star with a story to tell.”

The Loose Women panellist simply replied: “Disgusting!”

Denise has been very vocal on her opinions on the Conservative government over their decisions in the last few years.

Most notably, Denise expressed her anger at former PM Boris Johnson’s decision to forgive Hancock after he broke coronavirus restriction measures.

She said: “For Boris Johnson to say Matt Hancock has apologised for breaking social distancing rules and this matter is closed, how f*****g dare you say this matter is closed.

“This man who has enforced the rules of social distance like no other, who had got it to the point where I, two weeks ago, was not allowed to travel in an ambulance with my terrified father who was being moved between hospitals at 84-years-old.”

The mum-of-two continued: “When my dad first went into the hospital, 13 weeks ago, for three weeks, my sister and I were not allowed into that particular hospital where there was no Covid.

“We were happy to take a million tests before we went in!”

While in the jungle, Hancock has been suspended as a Conservative MP and will take on the challenge of representing the Tory party down under.

Andy Drummond, deputy chairman of the West Suffolk Conservative Association, has admitted he is looking forward to seeing Hancock “eating a kangaroo’s penis” in the Bushtucker Trials.

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