Liver King Admits To Using Steroids, 'I F***ed Up'

Liver King Admits To Using Steroids, 'I F***ed Up'

Liver King — the viral “ancestral lifestyle” influencer — is fessing up to using steroids … apologizing to his followers for misleading them into believing he was completely natural.

45-year-old Brian Johnson gained a ton of followers through his primal living routine … which includes eating raw animal organs, 9 ancestral tenets, and barbarian challenges.

The dude is undeniably buff as hell … and despite numerous accusations of using steroids in the past, he continued to claim he earned his physique without any additional help.

But, LK was forced to face the music after YouTuber More Plates More Dates released a video exposing the influencer’s steroid cycle earlier this week … which alleged he was injecting $ 12,000 worth of stuff into his body.

MPMD even came with email receipts … which appear to show what exactly the Internet star was taking.

Now, Liver King is coming clean about his steroid use … releasing a 6-minute long video to his millions of followers to try to explain himself.

“I’m making this video to apologize because I f***ed up, because I’m embarrassed and ashamed, because I lied and I misled a lot of people.” Liver King said.

LK — who had a successful supplement company prior to becoming a viral personality — says he struggled to handle being in the public eye once he blew up … and he decided to cut corners in order to keep up with his audience’s expectations.

“It’s been tricky as f*** to navigate,” he added. “Well, clearly, I did it wrong and I’m here now to set the record straight — yes, I’ve done steroids and yes, I’m on steroids monitored and managed by a trained hormone clinician.”

LK says he continued to run with the façade for those dealing with mental health issues who look up to him … hoping ancestral living would provide a solution to their problems.

“While spreading the message, I’ve been on several podcasts, and when asked if I’ve ever taken steroids, I’ve always said, ‘no. I don’t touch the stuff. Not going to touch the stuff. Never touched the stuff.’ That was a lie. I’ve convinced myself this had nothing to do with the ancestral message.”

FYI — Liver King has previously said he makes millions of dollars a month — including his supplement brand.

He says he trained clean for decades … but in 2021, he wasn’t feeling 100% physically, so he made the decision to use steroids. LK says he kept it private, because he didn’t want to spread the wrong message or have his previous fitness success overshadowed.

“I fully own that I f***ed up. I am as sorry as a man can be, and all I can do is take extreme ownership right now, be better, and lead myself to a better life as a better human.”

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