Kyle the Hooligan, the Black Rapper Behind FN Meka Says He's Suing

Kyle the Hooligan, the Black Rapper Behind FN Meka Says He's Suing

FN Meka‘s problems didn’t go away when Capitol Records pulled the plug on the controversial project — the Black rapper whose voice was used for Meka has started the process to take legal action against the creators.

Kyle The Hooligan says FN Meka’s creators stole his drip to create the character, and he’s ready to see ’em in court. Kyle tells TMZ Hip Hop … his attorneys already started the legal process to recoup his damages from both Brandon Le and Factory New this week.

Kyle says he was “young” when he met with Factory New, but says he was promised equity and ownership for helping voice and write the music for FN Meka.

He also claims he gave them all the “cool” ideas, and would’ve prevented hiccups like the police brutality photo from even happening.

Kyle’s attorney, Andrew Orcutt tells TMZ, “Despite multiple requests, we have not received a response from or been put in contact with Factory New’s or Brandon Le’s legal representatives, nor have we received any formal offer for compensation. We are continuing to evaluate our options and are hopeful for a swift and just resolution to this matter.”

During all the industry backlash against Meka, we got hip hop veteran Krayzie Bone‘s take on everything, who said real rappers’ jobs were in danger … but Kyle actually disagrees.

Kyle raps for real, not just virtually, and saw the digital rapper horizon as a way for artists to expand their careers and portfolios — but now he wants his case to shine a light on anyone else who’s been ghosted in the music industry.

We reached out to Factory New for their side of their story, so far no word back. FN Meka too, but we know he’s no longer talking!

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