John Humphrys branded Prince Harry ‘sanctimonious, selfish’ and ‘with unimaginable luxury’

John Humphrys branded Prince Harry ‘sanctimonious, selfish’ and ‘with unimaginable luxury’

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The veteran presenter will be stepping down from Mastermind after more than 18 years on the BBC quiz show. Humphrys will be replaced by Clive Myrie after seven final appearances. The 77-year-old has been a vocal opponent of the Royal Family for many years and on a number of occasions has called for the UK to become a republic. 

Humphrys experienced several amusing encounters with the royals, including with the late Prince Philip, who sadly passed away yesterday. 

One occurred after the BBC star accidentally took his vehicle during the 1975 tour of Mexico.

The Duke raced after him and after he pulled over, yelled: “You stole my f***ing car!”

This wasn’t the only spirited moment with Philip, in an interview to mark the Duke’s 70th birthday he gave a “very cross” answer to a question. 

Humphrys asked why “the Queen hadn’t helped him out” when he was forced to sell his racing yacht, the Bloodhound, in 1962.

He didn’t reveal the exact words uttered by Philip but reiterated that he was not very happy and later complained to the BBC.

The corporation’s decision to “delete” that section of the interview was a moment that still frustrated Humphrys decades on, he explained in a 2020 Daily Mail column.

In recent years, Humphrys has clashed with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since their decision to leave senior roles within the Royal Family last year.

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Last month, he argued that the Duchess was too “sensitive” to be part of the Firm and argued that she was largely accepted by the world. 

Humphrys also took affront to their decision to have an interview with Oprah Winfrey, who he described as “the most famous TV celebrity on the planet”.

He believed there was a “contradiction” between the Sussexes’ constant efforts for publicity while also demanding the press “respected” their “privacy”.

His Daily Mail column discussed the couple’s interview with Oprah, which according to CBS was watched by more than 49 million people worldwide.

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The TV star compared Prince Harry to legendary Northern Irish footballer George Best, who famously struggled with alcohol addiction.

Humphrys recalled one story where the winger was found in a Ritz suite with “a stunning model wearing very little”.

He recalled they were “sipping champagne on a bed littered with £20 notes” when the reporter asked him an “immortal question”.

The interviewer said: “Tell me, George, where did it all go wrong?”

Humphrys felt that same question could be posed to Harry.

He claimed the royal “had it all” and earned adoration from the public for the way he “rose above the tragedy” of his mother Princess Diana’s death in 1997. 

Humphrys noted that Harry “served with distinction” during his time in the Armed Forces and conducted “commendable charitable work”.

However, he added: “Then you decided you had enough.”

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In a YouGov article last year, Humphrys claimed Harry had “sloped off to a life easier on the hands”. 

He compared him to King Edward VIII who abdicated the throne to marry US divorcee Wallis Simpson in 1936.

Humphrys wrote: “His great-great-uncle… enjoyed thirty years of a similar post-hand-shaking idyll in Paris.”

In his Daily Mail column, the journalist claimed Harry “caused” his “grandmother anguish” by leaving the Firm. 

He noted that Harry had also done “serious damage to the institution” into which he was “born to serve” and “benefited so massively” from.

Humphrys referred to the allegations of racism within the Royal Family, which emerged during Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah.

They claimed there were “concerns and conversations” over “how dark” their son Archie’s “skin might be when he was born”.

Humphrys argued that Harry wreaked havoc upon the royals and risked a constitutional crisis that could topple the Firm altogether.

He wrote: “You are widely regarded as a sanctimonious, selfish young man.”

Humphrys claimed Harry told “others how to lead their lives” while continuing to “enjoy a life of luxury that is unimaginable except to a tiny few”.

In his final remark, the journalist wrote: “My question is this, do you have any regrets and is there anything that might persuade you to come home?” 

John Humphrys stars in Mastermind, which airs at 8pm Monday on BBC One.

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