Joe Sugg: ‘Why are we discussing this?’ Star shuts down baby chat with Dianne Buswell

Joe Sugg: ‘Why are we discussing this?’ Star shuts down baby chat with Dianne Buswell

Joe Sugg, 27, and Dianne Buswell, 30, recently enjoyed a romantic holiday in Mykonos, Greece.

The former uploaded a video to his Thatcher Joe YouTube page, where he showed off their lavish getaway.

At the end of the glimpse of their holiday, the pair could be seen walking around the airport, with Dianne picking up a doll.

“At the airport and we found the creepiest child,” Joe said as his girlfriend displayed the doll to the camera.

o, Let’s not have this conversation

Joe Sugg

“Don’t talk about my baby like that,” she snapped.

The YouTube sensation then came up with a good idea as he drew influence from Love Island and said they will do a video of them looking after a baby one day.

“Definitely should, it would be hard work,” Dianne said.

“However, if my baby looked like that I don’t know how I would feel…” Joe joked.

“Hey, you need to love it like it’s your own,” Dianne added, before planting a kiss on the doll’s head.

Joe then found a tiny child-like doll and said: “Maybe this one instead… it’s little, that’s what ours would look like, we’re both so small.”

The Strictly Come Dancing contestant quickly stopped himself in his tracks and exclaimed: “Why are we even discussing this?”

Dianne then picked up another one which had more similarities to her.

“Her name is… Brave,” she said.

“Oh, I love that name,” Dianne declared, before Joe asked: “What is it with Australians and weird names. Brave, hero…”

“I love that name,” Dianne added. “Can we call our child Brave?”

However, Joe soon shut down the baby chat and stated: “No, Let’s not have this conversation.”

Although the couple aren’t ready to chat babies, they have made a huge step in their relationship.

Last week, Joe asked his other-half to move in with him, with Dianne revealing the exciting news on her Instagram page.

The professional dancer shared a picture of herself nuzzling Joe’s cheek, as he pulled a shocked face to the camera.

She wrote: “So Joe asked me to move in with him! I said yes…. of course then I whispered to him do you realise how messy I can be!

“If you wanna see him ask me go check out his latest YouTube video it was so sweet.”

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