Jimmy Page Recalls First Meeting With Jeff Beck

Jimmy Page Recalls First Meeting With Jeff Beck

In a video released by Fender, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page spoke about his meeting with The YardbirdsJeff Beck.

Beck’s sister, who was attending an Arts College in Epsom, heard about Page’s knack with the guitar in the early ’60s and immediately suggested that her brother, who had been learning to play the instrument himself using a homemade device, meet with Page.

“There was a knock on the door, and there was Jeff’s sister, and there was Jeff holding his homemade guitar. We just bonded immediately,” Page shared, adding that there just “weren’t many guitarists in the area at that point.”

When approached to play the guitar for the Yardbirds, Page redirected them to Beck, instead.

“I said ‘I know somebody who’d be really good for this, and it’s Jeff.’ And of course he went in there and did some amazing work,” Page said.

Beck later thanked Page for giving him his big break and even presented him with a Fender Telecaster as a token of his gratitude.

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