Jeezy Discusses Jeannie Mai Divorce with Nia Long, Fans Think He's Holding Back

Jeezy Discusses Jeannie Mai Divorce with Nia Long, Fans Think He's Holding Back

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Jeezy sat down with Nia Long for an hour-long conversation about several weighty topics — including his divorce from Jeannie Mai — but many viewers think he’s still speaking in code about the split.

According to Jeezy, he and Jeannie attempted counseling sessions to fix what he deemed was broken in the marriage … but ultimately he told Nia the damage had been done and being “responsible for himself” was the best course of action.


Jeezy expressed how he was saddened over the situation, but never actually explained exactly why he filed for divorce from Jeannie.

Let’s keep it real, that’s what fans really wanted to know — especially after sitting through the entire hour-long chat.

Clearly, Jeezy’s not ready to give up those nuggets just yet, which makes sense when you consider the divorce isn’t settled yet.

As we reported last week, Jeezy just dropped his 29-track double album, “I Might Forgive … But I Don’t Forget,” highlighted by the song “Don’t Cheat” … a theme he kept reiterating throughout the interview.

On the flip side, both Jeezy and Nia unpacked a lot about their traumatic upbringings and failed relationships. Nia’s currently battling for custody with her ex, Ime Udoka, after his NBA cheating scandal earlier this year.

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Nia also admitted to solely dating drug dealers in high school, which gave her a different perspective on men.

While several fans commented Nia and Jeezy make a great pair, on-screen, the overriding sentiment was more deets, please. Sorry, folks … not today.

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