Jane Fonda hits back at icon label as she talks legacy Who cares?

Jane Fonda hits back at icon label as she talks legacy Who cares?

Jane Fonda discusses being called an 'icon'

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Jane Fonda, 84, has reacted to fans describing her as an icon and said she was “reluctant” to refer to herself as that, and doesn’t often feel that way. She addressed her two million followers as she shared a short clip of her latest interview amid her cancer battle.

The Grace and Frankie actress jokingly said she didn’t feel like an icon when she was sitting alone on her “toilet at night”.

But she added that she will “take” the compliment, insisting she has been “called worse”.

Jane was asked if she considers herself an icon and her immediate response was “who cares?”

However, she expanded, saying: “When I’m at night sitting on my toilet do I feel like an icon? No.

“But people tell me I’m an icon, I’ll take it, I’ve been called worse.

“I’m about a month away from being 85 years old.

“One does think about legacy kind of things.”

Speaking further about her “legacy”, she said the most important part of securing it involved her charity work.

Jane explained the work she’s doing with her “Climate PAC” is her legacy.

It comes as Jane recently announced she is a proud supporter and campaigner for Texas Railroad Commissioner Luke Warford.

Jane explained a huge part of her effort to involve herself in active political and environmental issues is due to her recent cancer diagnosis.

The Hollywood icon has been praised and even called an “inspiration” by her loyal fans as she posted a snap of her workout with her personal trainer, despite her diagnosis.

The Hollywood actress looked more youthful than ever as she posed for the make-up free selfie in a purple overall.

Jane looked much younger than her 84 years, while covering her eyes with large pink shades and continuing to embrace her silver hair after previously dyeing it blonde.

Jane captioned the post: “Happy Halloween! Yes, that’s my trainer Malin @nordicbody in costume, and Yes I am working out! #workoutfortheplanet.”

Many fans rushed to the comments to praise the actress for keeping fit and healthy despite her challenges due to cancer.

Lorettafabro said: “You are an inspiration Jane, best wishes and love from Melbourne AU…”

Iam_stephaniered added: “You are my hero and always my motivator!!!! Thank you very much. I appreciate you.”

Graciemayamazingness commented: “You’re such a Boss. Thank you for your constant inspiration.”

Jane revealed her cancer diagnosis in September with an upbeat message on Instagram, reassuring her fans.

The actress shared that she was “deeply moved and uplifted by the expressions of love from fans” since opening up about her Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis.

In the post, Jane wrote: “I have been deeply moved and uplifted by all the expressions of love and support since I made public the fact that I’ve been diagnosed with B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“My heartfelt thanks to all. The messages of love and support mean the world to me.”

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