‘It’s an illness’ Vicky Pattison candidly opens up on ‘hard years’ of alcohol abuse

‘It’s an illness’ Vicky Pattison candidly opens up on ‘hard years’ of alcohol abuse

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Vicky Pattison has spoken candidly on her battle with alcohol after making a documentary charting her relationship with alcoholism. The Geordie Shore star, 34, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about her “hard years” of alcohol abuse, before reflecting on where she is today.

I’ve had a complicated relationship with alcohol

Vicky Pattison

The star is set to front the new show Vicky Pattison: My Dad, Alcohol and Me which looks at her relationship with drink.

Vicky has since looked back on her time on MTV show Geordie Shore, admitting she “felt pressure to get drunk” in order to act a certain way on the show.

She finally quit drinking in 2014.

When asked about how she felt when making the documentary, Vicky told how she navigated her way through her alcohol battle.

She said: “I am in a really happy place now.

“And I think that’s probably why I’ve been able to make this documentary because I am so healthy and I am happy.

“I think had I tried to make it before when I was still struggling with certain things, I potentially wouldn’t have been able to articulate myself right.

“I think I would have been too close to it, now I have some distance,” she explained.

Vicky went on: “I’ve processed stuff, I’m definitely more able to talk on it.

“But yeah, I’ve had a complicated relationship with alcohol.

“And I’ve had some hard years.

“But I definitely think that’s relatable,” Vicky added.

She continued: “I know a lot of people struggled during lockdown with a relationship with alcohol as well.

“I just want the documentary to shed light on something that is often considered quite taboo, I want to break down that stigma.

“And I want people to just understand it’s an illness. I want people to know there’s help for them out there as well,” the star said.

Vicky grew up with her dad who was a functional alcoholic and is now the same age as her father when his addiction struck.

Vicky also spoke to Express.co.uk about the new The Pour Moi x Vicky Pattison Edit.

The star said: “I spent years with my boobs falling out the top and my bum cheeks falling out the bottom of bikinis.

“So it’s really lovely to be working with a brand that not only am I proud to wear, but that also just fits really well as well.”

The Pour Moi x Vicky Pattison Edit is available now, exclusively online here.

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