‘Genuine mistake’ Chloe Madeley defends husband James Haskell after women’s rugby backlash

‘Genuine mistake’ Chloe Madeley defends husband James Haskell after women’s rugby backlash

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Chloe Madeley has taken to Instagram to defend her rugby-player husband James Haskell, branding his recent remarks on the subject of rugby a “genuine mistake.” The daughter of Good Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley, 34, took to Instagram after her beau made a list of the most-capped front-row forwards at the weekend, but missed off women’s player Rocky Clark.

It likely felt like a very public slap in the face for, well, a very innocent mistake

Chloe Madeley

He was then corrected by rugby star Simi Pam, before telling her to “have a day off”, which saw the sportsman come under fire for his response.

Haskell went on to issue a three-minute apology on Instagram with his wife also rushing to defend him.

In view of her 250,000 followers, Chloe replied to a fask asking: “Thoughts on backlash to James’ ‘have a day off’ tweet? The reaction is totally [over the top ] in my opinion!”

She wrote: “My thoughts are that I have a very privileged, historical and contextual view of this entire situation that not many other people have and if they did, I think both the mistake (the original post) and their reactions to said mistake (the comments beneath the post) would make a hell of a lot more sense.

“This is why you want to be careful getting swept up in social media uproar, when you don’t know the whole story…

“First of all, I have watched GBR, specifically James, Alex and Mile, since day one, invest incredible amounts of time, money and effort into promoting Women’s Rugby to an exceptionally high standard, not just a charity appearance here and there.

“Not just a virtue signal. Genuine efforts to get involved and make it something bigger.

“They aren’t messing around. They push it BOTH front and centre AND behind the scenes.

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Chloe went on: “They hired, intentionally, female rugby players to join the team and have both a creative and editorial input.

“They are GENUINELY fighting the fight and not just talking about it, like many others are.

In a new story, she continued: “Yes, the post should have said. ‘Men’s Rugby’ before listing the most capped front row forward, but given that the photo used showed two male rugby players, I personally think that distinction was fairly obvious…

“And the women who wrote and posted it obviously did, too.”

She went on to brand the list’s exclusion of women as a “mistake”, claiming that it was “innocent.”

Chloe wrote: “It was a genuine mistake made by James’ colleagues and friends, who also fight the good fight for women’s rugby, on the front line, everyday in their lives and work.

“So to come off stage and see those friends and colleagues being reprimanded for such an innocent mistake, obviously led him to make a dismissive comment to the critic.

The next slide went on: “Saying ‘Have a day off’ obviously isn’t the best way to handle the situation, probably would have been better to say, ‘Oh, you’re right, we’ll change it to ‘MEN’S RUGBY’ now, but when the person who is leading the charge has also been championed and applauded publicly by the team, and knows exactly how much they do for women’s rugby, it likely felt like a very public slap in the face for, well, a very innocent mistake.”

“Chloe ended her thoughts on the matter: “And while some people are right to feel offended by a dismissive remark like, ‘Have a day off,’ I can tell you now that the hundreds of DMs both James and I have had from women today are a hell of a lot worse that that so…

“All that upset over four mistakenly missing letters…?

“And a team of people who genuinely give their 100% for the cause reprimanded? Social media at it’s finest,” she ended her rant.

Responding to the backlash his comments caused on Twitter, James wrote: “I will take my own advice and have a day off.'”

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