Finding Peace of Mind Within Your Workflow

Finding Peace of Mind Within Your Workflow

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We live in a society that is in constant motion. Everything seems to be moving without any will to stop. Over the past two years, our minds have been spinning like Ferris wheels, our adrenaline pumping away at the latest stressor — and in my honest opinion, this has not been good for society’s blood pressure.

Society has been holding its collective breath — and I believe it’s because we rarely take a second to stop, breathe and be. Many of us need to take a deep breath in appreciation of life, health and strength.

Home, work, school, relationships and spirituality are some things we continue to juggle daily — and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. We chase our dreams, try to avoid bill collectors, and embrace new trends — all without taking a second to pause. Those desires we work hard for every day cause so much ruckus in our workflows; we seem to be working harder, not smarter. We’re missing out on huge life events — our growing children, time with family, milestones in life — because we want to make time and a half. The sacrifices that we make add stress and disrupt our inner peace.

Who hasn’t felt overworked, underpaid and undervalued? In my experience, everyone has felt this at some point in their life and/or career. Today, the word “work” has a tiring connotation. So, how can you find peace within your workflow? How can you reclaim your life?

As a leader and/or creative, being organized is the nucleus of a peaceful workflow. But why? Compare a cluttered hallway and an empty one. Which one would be easier to walk down? Even if the hallway had no lights on, the empty one would be the simpler choice to navigate. There is peace in knowing and worry in not knowing.

Imagine a leader of an organization who has a disorganized mind and workflow. Because of these roadblocks, the decisions that they make might not be fully informed and could confuse, and even be detrimental to, their employees. This is because the leader’s disorganization could lead to workers doing their jobs wrong — and even worse, the company could suffer. If the organization sinks because of this poor leadership, then the workers could be without a job, which could affect families and more. Do you see where I am going with this? It is very important to organize your workflow so that you can have peace of mind and complete confidence in your decision-making.

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Setting goals is a great way to guide your workflow in a forward direction — meaning you always have a goal to reach or a milestone to work toward. Write down what needs to be done short-, mid- and long-term. This way when new issues arise, the outline you have created can guide you. There are times when your workflow goes perfect, but this is not always the case.

In the real world of crying babies, dissatisfied customers and disgruntled employees, someone or something will rumble your workflow and you will have to adjust. Take Covid-19, for example; the entire workforce had to readjust in some way. Many people, including myself, had the toughest time finding any peace of mind in their workflow. Those who were used to working in offices found themselves at home ducking the echoes of loud children, family and pets.

Many people are finding it hard right now to navigate through the fields of thought, tossing and turning in panic — and praying for peace. There are so many leaders and creatives who can relate to these feelings. I am here to encourage you and tell you that there is light at the end of that dark tunnel — but that you must take the necessary steps to get there.

Based on my experience, here are a few basic parameters for feeling content and at peace with your workflow:

1. Make sure you’re getting paid appropriately in relation to the value you bring. No one wants to work hard and not get paid properly. This of course is easier said than done, but knowing your worth is vital for cultivating inner peace. So, make sure you are benefiting from the labor you put in. This will certainly add to your peace of mind.

2. Love what you do. Loving what you do makes your workflow almost seem nonexistent. This is because it doesn’t feel like work at all.

3. Get — and stay — organized. My mantra is: Organization is the key to success. I truly believe that when you throw organization into any equation, it helps.

4. Be your own boss. Some people have found it very convenient to leave the corporate world and start their own business. Working for yourself has become very prevalent, especially during the pandemic. So, my suggestion is that if you find it more peaceful to work for yourself, then do it if you can. My wife, Candace, is a prime example of this. She found it more peaceful to walk away from her job and begin her own company to help other women leave the workforce and find peace of mind.

5. Create a conducive environment for a smooth workflow that works for you. This is self-explanatory. In order to find peace of mind in your workflow. the environment you create has to be one that helps with this. Find out what this means for you and your work.

In closing, I hope my words inspire you to find that peace with your workflow.

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