'FBoy Island' Star Garrett Morosky Says Apology Is Coming for Sarah Emig

'FBoy Island' Star Garrett Morosky Says Apology Is Coming for Sarah Emig

“FBoy Island” star, or more accurately villain, Garrett Morosky says he’s working on an apology for Sarah Emig … and they’re even talking about going on a date to hash things out.

We got Garrett and his fellow so-called “FBoy” Casey Johnson at Alfred Coffee on Melrose and asked Garrett if he’s talked to Sarah since the dating reality show’s shocking finale. If you’re just starting to watch the HBO Max hit, this is where we scream … SPOILER ALERT!!!

But, if you’ve seen it already, you know Garrett showed his stripes during the climax when he revealed he preferred a $100k prize over a relationship with Sarah.

Surprisingly, Garrett says the lines of communication between Sarah and him are very much open — and they even crossed paths this week at a party in Los Angeles.

Garrett hints at a forthcoming apology, and seems to think he still has a shot at getting Sarah out on a date … telling us he wants to get some alone time with her so he can explain himself. Translation: Once an f-boy, always an f-boy!

If you watched the show you know, the guys just looking to bang chicks were mixed in with genuine nice guys … and the women had the unenviable task of figuring out who was who.

Garrett shocked Sarah by choosing the money, but producers got the last laugh by telling him the cash would go to a charity of Sarah’s choosing.

He says it ended up benefitting an anti-human trafficking org — and he also revealed being outed as a “FBoy” is NOT doing wonders for his dating life.

Some might call all that a win win.

Yet, somehow, Garrett’s still got a chance to get the girl … or, at least, that’s what he wants us to believe.

Stay tuned …

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