Davina McCall flaunts body in towel and says ‘testosterone doesn’t make you grow a penis’

Davina McCall flaunts body in towel and says ‘testosterone doesn’t make you grow a penis’

Davina McCall shares her morning HRT routine

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The Masked Singer judge Davina McCall, 53, has taken to social media to give her fans an insight into her Hormone Replacement Therapy routine. Amid the hormones the former Big Brother host said she was taking, Davina said she was on “replacement testosterone,” which she quickly went on to say does not “make you grow a penis or get testicles or hairy”.

By the way, taking testosterone does not make you grow a penis

Davina McCall

In view of her 1.3 million Instagram followers, Davina posted the short clip about her hormone therapy.

“My morning HRT routine!,” she wrote.

She continued: “Just trying to de mystify and de stigmatise HRT.

“It occurred to me that because we don’t talk about it some of you might like to see what it is, and how u put it on.

“I didn’t mention that the progesterone part of my hrt I get from the mirena coil #menopause #menopausing #HRT,” she added at the end of the caption.

During the four minute video, the towel-clad star revealed that she suffered from condition hypothyroidism, which she was diagnosed with 20 years ago.

She explained that she treats the condition with medication thyroxine, before the clip switched to show the Channel 4 host dancing seductively, slowly edging her towel further up her leg while music played.

After going through some of her hormone replacements, the star revealed that she is also on testosterone.

“Did you know testosterone is an enormously important woman’s hormone as well?” she asked fans.

“My testosterone was low and I take a pea-sized bit of testosterone and I rub it on my thigh at the same time as I do all my other hormones.”

The star went on to clarify: “By the way, taking testosterone does not make you grow a penis, or testicles or anything like that.

“I am not taking extra testosterone, I am just replacing my levels to where they should be.”

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Davina revealed that she applies the testosterone daily before calling her HRT routine “a faff.”

However, the presenter credits the routine with making her “feel normal again.”

“And dare I say sometimes I feel better than I have done in years.”

Davina also admitted to using a transdermal hormone sticker which she applied to her hip.

She also said that her oestrogen levels were not as they should be, which resulted in her needing to apply the hormone directly to her skin.

“I do boost – my oestrogen levels were a bit low,” she divulged.

“So I have 100 on the sticker and I also do one pump – that’s a bit icky that,” she said, dispensing the product into her hand before applying it to her arm.

The video ended with the star singing happily in the shower out of shot.

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