Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ fears wife’s ‘very frustrated’ reaction to his on-air advice

Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ fears wife’s ‘very frustrated’ reaction to his on-air advice

Chris Evans says wife would be 'frustrated' by his advice

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Chris Evans, 55, feared how his wife Natasha would react to a listener making big life plans based on a piece of advice the presenter had dished out on the radio a few weeks ago. It comes after he and his co-stars were discussing their “big three” plans for the week now lockdown has been lifted in England.

Chris revealed the idea of the big three is that they’re goals that you would not normally do – an unexpected highlight.

His list includes going to visit sports legend Steve Ryder in his garden, re-read The Celestine Prophecy book and persuade his Virgin Radio colleague to remove his boat from his back garden.

Vassos Alexander reeled off that he was going to interview Ultra runner Damian Hall, go to the tip and wanted to learn how to wash windows properly.

New recruit Amelia Freer also read out her list, which included meeting her friend for dinner for the first time since she got engaged, going on a second date and wanting to finish her book.

Chris then read out texts he received from listeners who were also taking part in their “big three” initiative, which Chris continued to rave about.

But there was one in particular that stood out and left him slightly concerned with how his wife would react.

“‘A while ago you planted a seed in my head about not being a walk or a mile away from someone you love,'” Chris read aloud the text from a listener called David,

“‘So this week I paid the first payment for my visa to permanently move to Australia!'”

The host burst out laughing as he tried to comprehend the extent of his advice.

“Can I get a winning cheer?” he cackled.

He then wondered whether Tash would have something to say about the advice he had given on-air.

“Now my wife won’t be furious with you for that,” he directed his attention to David.

“But she’ll be very frustrated I’m dishing out that advice on the radio and you’re acting on it and we’re not!”

Elsewhere in the show, Tom Jones made an appearance to discuss his latest album Surrounded By Time, which was released on Friday.

But first he was quick to set the record straight on how old he is after Chris mistakenly declared the Welsh singer is set to celebrate his 82nd birthday this summer.

The pair got onto the subject of Sir Tom’s age when Chris asked the Sex Bomb hitmaker about how he stays fit and healthy as he gets older.

The presenter told Tom: “Well this year, of course, in June, you enter your 82nd birthday.

“So you’re now a sort of…,” he began before Tom interrupted to correct him.

Sir Tom replied: “Well, no, 81 is coming up, I turn 81 in June.”

Realising his error, Chris explained his comment was badly worded, as he meant to say Sir Tom was going to “enter his 82nd year”.

Apologising for the blunder, the host exclaimed: “No, sorry, no. You enter your 82nd year is what I meant to say, because you’re 81.”

Understanding what Chris meant to say, Sir Tom responded: “Oh sorry, sorry Chris!”

The former BBC star then admitted: “No, no, I got it… I think we both got it a little wrong and met half way in the middle, which is fine!”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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