Carly Pearce Deals With Unwanted Advances In ‘Next Girl’ Video

Carly Pearce Deals With Unwanted Advances In ‘Next Girl’ Video

Carly Pearce‘s video for “Next Girl” sees her deftly dealing with unwanted advances from men. The song is Pearce’s first single from her upcoming as-yet-unannounced project.

The video, directed by Seth Kupersmith, begins with Pearce politely nodding along as a man sitting next to her engages in meaningless talk. She then leaves the place, saying, “Okay! I’ve had enough.”

The visual sees Pearce turning up as bartender and a visitor and then going onstage to perform. All this happens while men at the bar keep mouthing pickup lines.

Through “Next Girl,” the singer advises an ex’s new lover that it makes sense to avoid entering into a relationship with someone who will fall short of expectations.

“This video was so fun to make!” the singer said in a press release.
“I feel like most of us have either been on the receiving end of these ridiculous advances or have witnessed them.”

Pearce says she hopes her video can provide some light-hearted fun, too. “And while I truly hope the lyrics help the ‘next girl’ know that a jerk’s actions are not her fault, I also wanted to mix some of the often experienced pick-up techniques with a little humor. Come on, do these really work?!” she adds.

Pearce co-wrote “Next Girl” with Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally.

(Photo: Allister Ann)

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