Brielle Biermann Claps Back At Fans Who Grilled Her For Posing On Stepdad Kroy's Lap!

Brielle Biermann Claps Back At Fans Who Grilled Her For Posing On Stepdad Kroy's Lap!

Brielle Biermann wants y’all to get your minds out of the gutter!

The daughter of Kim Zolciak issued multiple clap backs this week after Instagram trolls roasted her for posting a photo of herself sitting on her stepdad Kroy Biermann’s lap at his birthday party.

Alongside the series of pics, which also showed Brielle and the 35-year-old former NFL star posing with Kim, the 23-year-old wrote:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most amazing father & man I’ll ever know. I couldn’t imagine a life without your hardworking, selfless, loving, caring self! I’m so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished we had too much fun last night i forgot to post yesterday love love you dad!”

So cute!

Unfortunately, some of Brielle’s “fans” couldn’t help but perceive the optics of a young woman sitting on her not-much-older stepdad’s lap to be a bit inappropriate — and the starlet gave many of those critics a piece of her mind.

When a social media user asked, “Why you sitting on your momma husband lap?” Brielle replied:

“Honestly because I had no where else to sit. We were making jokes the whole time about him being Santa. It was comedy.”

But some viewers weren’t getting the joke. Another user wrote, “Tell me they haven’t hooked up,” to which Brielle responded:

“You hook up with your dad?”

LOLz, we sure hope not! Thankfully, not every fan was mocking Brielle and Kroy’s pic. Other more supportive commenters wrote:

“Stunned at these comments. If you think sitting on her dads lap is perverted it says more about you than it does Brielle.”

“Some of these comments are ridiculous! A child sat on her dad’s lap…what is abnormal about that! I cannot understand why anyone would teach their child not to sit on their fathers lap as some people have stated!”

“I’m disgusted with these comments of her sitting on her (step)fathers lap!! I see nothing wrong with it and he’s a amazing man/ father that took on the roll to take care of them. Beautiful family and don’t let anyone tell you what to do.”

In response to a positive comment by a fan, the reality star wrote of Kroy:

“HE IS THE BEST EVER. He’s the best dad”


As fans know, the ex-athlete adopted Brielle and her younger sister, Ariana, after marrying their mother in 2011. Kroy and Kim share four children of their own: sons Kash, 8, KJ, 9, and Kane, 6, and daughter Kaia, 6.

Good for Brielle for not letting these critics rain on her and her stepdad’s parade!

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