BBC Breakfast’s Nina Warhurst branded ‘such a Karen’ by young person

BBC Breakfast’s Nina Warhurst branded ‘such a Karen’ by young person

Nina Warhurst says ‘I don’t need you anymore’ to Jon Kay

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Nina Warhust, 42, has described how she was dubbed the offensive term, ‘Karen’, while traveling on public transport. Nina tweeted about the unfortunate event shortly after hosting BBC Breakfast.

She penned to her 38.6k followers: “I’ve also just been told “you’re such a Karen” for asking a young person on the tram to turn their music down.”

A ‘Karen’ is a negative term used to describe a type of white woman who acts with an obvious sense of privilege.

The term refers to the practice of asking to speak to the manager or being overly critical towards younger people’s tendencies.

But some fans did not agree with the criticism being levelled at Nina and gave her a bit of slack.

One quipped due to Nina’s haircut: “Karen” , usually a white middle aged woman, who always demands her own way, often seen sporting a “bob cut” hairstyle. That young person may have a valid point Nina.”

Another added: “You fit the description. I have to say!”

A third fan sided with Nina, replying: “When did young people and some old people, decide that the wonderful device of portable headphones weren’t cool anymore? It’s infuriating.”

“Why is anyone playing music on a tram?” A fourth agreed.

The broadcaster then tried to smooth over the situation by retweeting and quoting a more comical tweet she put out before.

She commented on Hugh Grant’s Sunday night Oscars interview with Ashley Graham, which has gone viral as some have accused the actor of being “rude”.

Nina told her followers that Hugh’s demeanour was the “vibe” she is “wholeheartedly embracing” now that she “sinks” into middle age.

It comes after Nina recently boasted about her “wifey duties” on social media.

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Taking to her Instagram stories, Nina told her 53k followers: “Wifely duties complete send me a medal pls.”

She showed off all the delicious and nutritious food her husband, who is a chef, had made her.

Nina revealed she was eating a number of dishes prepared by Ted, her husband.

“Hate it when the spouse explores with new foods at home,” she commented beside a photo of a roast miso aubergine dish with yoghurt rice and an eye-rolling emoji.

The dish seen in the next image was hummus with merguez and confit tomatoes on top.

“Must I bear this unrelenting goodness for the remainder of our marriage?” the BBC Breakfast host jokingly captioned the photo.

The final image showed two plates that were empty except for what was left of the dishes.

“He did Palestinian with Japanese and Spanish,” she continued, adding, “He’s so intelligent and modest, and I love him.”

At the same time, Ted laughed in response to Nina’s “protest” about having to eat his food: “If you don’t want to, don’t. Who else would be willing to serve as my primary taster…?”

As a foodie, the journalist keeps her followers entertained with social media posts from home.

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