Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater Planned To Keep Affair 'Secret & Go Back To Their Marriages'!

Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater Planned To Keep Affair 'Secret & Go Back To Their Marriages'!

No turning back now! Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater are taking their relationship to the next level — even before sorting out the end of their other failed romances apparently…

According to sources on Tuesday, the singer and Broadway star are now LIVING TOGETHER in New York City! The actor is in the area to prepare for his new role in the stage production Spamalot, and Ari is right by his side. Wow, they definitely just started dating only after he filed for divorce from his wife but they’re already living together! So sudden!

There’s just one problem — she hasn’t filed for divorce from her estranged husband Dalton Gomez yet! Um, that seems like a big oversight, don’t ya think? A source told the outlet:

“Ariana is living with a married man right now while she is still married.”

Well, uh, this didn’t really seem to be a problem before (considering all the cheating rumors)… Just saying!

As for why the Grammy winner hasn’t filed yet, they continued:

“It seems as if Ariana is holding onto Dalton in case things with Ethan don’t work. It is just so strange that she is living with Ethan and has not filed documents to end it with Dalton.”

Does she really think Dalton will want her back after all this?!? Their breakup has already made headlines, why doesn’t she just get the divorce drama over with already? Her new muse has! The Tony Award nominee filed for divorce from his wife, Lilly Jay, in July.

A second source hit back at a previous People report that stated the duo were “friends” before both splitting from their partners, arguing that is “absolutely untrue” and that there are “receipts to prove it.” They explained that’s all just spin because:

“Ariana and Ethan never intended for their relationship to go public.”

No kidding! Shockingly, the confidant revealed the Wicked co-stars are only moving in now that they’re “stuck together” due to the affair being uncovered! Jeez! They added:

“They were hoping to keep it a secret and go back to their marriages as if nothing had happened. But this was not possible because they got caught.”

Wow, what?! That’s not all! The insider claims they’re now only really keeping it going because they don’t have the option of going back!

“Now they are stuck together and have really nothing in common with each other. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.”

Yeesh. This doesn’t sound good at all! For anyone! We do think we have a radical solution, though… DON’T CHEAT!!!

What do U think’s gonna happen, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below)!

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