A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton scolded by husband for ‘bad idea’ that caused ‘mayhem’

A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton scolded by husband for ‘bad idea’ that caused ‘mayhem’

Laura Hamilton discusses getting a ‘speeding fine’

Laura Hamilton, 38, admitted she made a mistake by inviting her children to do a live workout with her on her Instagram, something her husband Alex Goward, knew would be a bad idea. During her Instagram live podcast with performer La Roux, the pair spoke about keeping motivation at peak as the UK continues on through this third national lockdown.

In fairness, it was my suggestion and idea that they came and joined a workout with me

Laura Hamilton

Discussing home workouts and keeping fit, Laura revealed she trains with a PT most mornings at 7am on the dot, something that left La Voix shocked.

“7 o’clock Laura?” she repeated, stunned.

Laura explained: “I have to, I have two children! Two small children!”

The presenter shares seven-year-old Rocco and five-year-old Tahlia with Alex.

She continued: “Even then, I’ve done workouts with Kate at seven in the morning and Rocco and Tahlia are running around.

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“It can be mayhem sometimes!”

But she admitted she has had opportunities to work out in the peace and quiet, more so now after inviting the kids to partake in a fun workout turned out to be chaos.

“Other times Alex will make them and he’ll keep them [out of the way],” she said.

“In fairness, it was my suggestion and idea that they came and joined a workout with me and he [[Alex] went, ‘Well that was a bad idea wasn’t it,'” she laughed.

Moving on to talk about the latest series of A Place In The Sun, Laura candidly admitted she received a “fine” for speeding while filming in Spain.

The TV star was hit with a speeding ticket after driving too fast in Fuerteventura last month.

Speaking out on the incident for the first time, Laura told La Voix she was having some trouble with paying her fine.

“So two days ago… everyone thinks, ‘Oh Laura, you’re so lucky, you get to go to all these amazing countries!’

“Yes I do, but do you know what I got through my letter box two days ago?

“A lovely speeding fine from Fuerteventura!” 

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La Voix then quipped: “From Fuerteventura! That was some speed to get over there!

“How fast were you going?”

Laura giggled before saying: “So, I got done for speeding in Fuerteventura just before Christmas.

“And oh my God, have you ever had a speeding ticket from being abroad? I tell you what, you can’t b****y pay it!

“I’ve tried for three days, I’ve got to pay it otherwise when I go back to film in the country they won’t let me in!

“It’s just a nightmare,” the property expert admitted.

La Voix then asked the star: “So why can’t you pay it?”

Detailing her struggles to pay the fine, Laura continued: “You know when you do a job and you’ve got a problem with your phone line?

“You phone them up and you’re on the phone for hours just trying to sort something and you never get it sorted out,” she explained.

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